Safety Products Monthly Subsciption Box

Safety Subscription Box

There are subscription boxes for many things now.  Even safety products.  Yep, you’re in luck, safety products.

I’ve followed GangBoxed on Instagram for awhile, but I must admit that I didn’t really check them out until I saw a picture of their latest November subscription box.  Awesome safety products that arrive in a rugged brown box.

Immediately I was trying to think of fun ways to integrate this into a safety program.  How about using this as part of your Safety Employee of the Month program?  A company could subscribe to receive boxes for a year and then the Safety Employee of the Month would get the box for that month.  That would be fun and unique.  Another idea is to give away a few 3-month gift subscriptions at a safety celebration or safety kick-off event.

Every box has a minimum of four items.  Items include:

  • Two PPE items (gloves, safety glasses, hearing protection, etc.)
  • Apparel
  • Tools
  • Gadgets

I have not ordered from GangBoxed, but at the time of this post, there are three subscription options: month-to-month, 3-month pre-pay, and a 12-month pre-pay.  You can find out more on their site

(Just so all of my readers know.  I do not receive any compensation from Gangboxed for this post.  I have not purchased from them.  This is just another idea for celebrating safety in your workplace!)