Free Healthcare Safety Word Search

Healthcare Safety Word Search Free Download

This is a word search geared toward the healthcare industry.  This is the free download, and a set of three will be available to purchase soon.  I made this one with more letters in it than my manufacturing one.  I also used only extra letters that were only in the words, which made it a little more difficult.  It took me 16 minutes to complete this one.  So maybe it’s too difficult?  Let me know what you think.  I also made it in just black and white, because I know many of you make a ton of copies, and printing in color can be expensive.  Do you like the black and white only better?  Or maybe black & white with a color option?

To download the item, you will need to go to the shop page and add the item to your cart.  Since it is free, it will skip the payment information page, but you will still need to fill out your name and address.  I promise I will not add you to any e-mail list.  However, if you want to be on my e-mail list, you can sign up using the e-mail form on this page (on the right hand side for desktop users, and at the very bottom of the page for mobile users).