Add a Counting Sign to Your Safety Program

Last year, I wrote a post about a basic Safety Stoplight Program.  However, If you want to take your safety stoplight program to the next level, or you’d like to add a sign that counts the accident free days at your plant, I suggest using an electronic sign from Cousign.

I’m going to let you know right away, that Cousign has not paid me in any way to write this post.  I think they have a great product, and they are great people, so I want to highlight some of the things they have, and what sets them apart from other display companies.

Basic Signs

If you are looking for a basic electronic counting sign that counts your accident free days, they have many sizes and styles to choose from.   They also carry the safety stoplight signs too.  These two signs are just a small example from their product line.

These signs are an eye-catching addition to any plant, and a daily reminder to continue to work safely.   With the number of options they have, I’m sure you will find the perfect sign to fit your needs.

Custom Signs

If you want to have something custom (think – your company logo, different display configuration, different colors or sizes), that’s when you’ll enjoy working with the guys at Cousign.  First of all, they don’t charge you for custom artwork.  Maybe you’re not sure what you really want. They have a free design tool you can use to try out different design ideas. If you contact them, they can walk you through some ideas and come up with a design to meet all of your requirements.

Free On-Line Design Tool



Here are some features of their products:

1. They design all the circuitry and firmware in house (Kalamazoo, Michigan), and offer complete customized solutions.

2. Sign faces are printed in house with UV protected inks on UV protected vinyl. This is laminated to a clear acrylic sign face.

3. Multiple display signs can all be controlled with a single IR remote.  Some competing products require a separate remote for each display.

4. Any sign can be easily ordered as an indoor wall standoff mount, indoor frame mount, or in an outdoor enclosure.

This is just a small example of the quality and time they put into their products.  For those of you that have multiple shifts, and want to count safe shifts instead of safe days, they just finished a sign for that.  Other options are dividing the sign up by departments, showing goal numbers, or displaying the number of hours instead of the number of days. The possibilities are endless!


So, If you’re looking for a counting sign, or a stoplight counting sign, check out Cousign.  I’ve shown you that they have many options to choose from that can be tailored to your specific plant needs. Cousign is a small business that manufacturers in the United States, and has great customer service, and selection.