5 Steps to Decorate for a Workplace Safety Party

Every time I decorate for a safety party, there are five steps I go through when decorating.  Doing these steps will require you to purchase some decorations, but you can definitely keep the cost under $100.  Your biggest investment is usually the safety banner.  Streamers, accent decorations, balloons, and plastic table cloths are generally inexpensive. The most often used location for a safety party is a company’s lunchroom, but these steps can apply to any indoor room.  Following these five steps can have your safety party looking fun and festive!

  1. Put up a banner

    Locate a main wall for a banner.  Banners come in various sizes.  Our banners come in ranges from 1.7′ x 3′ to 2.5′ x 10′ depending on the style. Purchase a banner that fits your wall appropriately.  Going a little bigger and filling the space is better then a smaller banner.  This is your focal point for your celebration.

  2. Hang Streamers

    Putting up streamers seems to be a love/hate thing.  I love they way they make an impact in a room, and being so cheap, you can put up a number of them.  The downside is the time it takes to put them up.  I think stepping up and down on a stepstool and moving it around is the worst part.  The result though, is really good.  There are definitely different patterns and ways to hang streamers.  A basic pattern is to start streamers at each corner of the room and swag them to the center.  I like to use two different color streamers and twist them for a vibrant effect.  Try using company colors, general party colors, or colors that specifically match the colors in your banner.

  3. Hang Accent Decorations

    My favorite accent decorations are the hanging twirls in various lengths.  You can find these at any party store.  Stagger the placement of these between the streamers.  If you have a center to your room, then I try to place the decorations so they hang symmetrically from each side of the center.

  4. Add Balloons

    Add regular plain balloons, our safety balloons, or mylar balloons.  Depending on the type of balloon, you can use helium or blow them up with regular air.  If you use helium, I suggest creating bunches and putting them around the room.  Place them at the sides of a food or cake table.  Another good location for balloons is at a speaker podium or a prize/game table. You can also put single helium balloons at each table as a centerpiece.  Just remember to get enough balloon weights for this.  If you end up just blowing up your balloons with regular air, you can hang them from the ceiling (up-side-down), or attach them to balloon sticks to create a table arrangement. You can find balloon sticks at Hobby Lobby.

  5. Table Cloths

    The least expensive table cloths to use are the plastic ones from the party store.  I really like these, because they come in so many different colors (use general party colors, or match company colors), and when the event is done, you can just throw them away. However, if you are having a little nicer event you can rent fabric table cloths.  These usually come in standard black and white.

With just these few simple steps, your safety party will be looking fun and festive!  Finish it off with a safety cake, games, and prizes and you’ll have an event that employees will appreciate and remember!